My Almost-Divorced Story

Hello! My name is Alex Bailey from Los Angeles, California. And I’m writing this testimonial to thank Michael Cross for The Marriage Savior System. Perhaps you’ve already heard my story from another couple but I’ll still go ahead and tell it because I know that someone out there suffered the same experience and I want them to know that it can all be fixed with help from The Marriage Savior System. I was never a romantic guy except during the time when I was still starting to date my wife. You know, when I was still trying to win her against some other guys hitting on her, too. After we got married, everything just changed. I started thinking that we just weren’t ready for marriage yet. Her mouth just won’t close. It stayed open the whole time. I wondered if she spends the whole night pretending to be asleep while mentally listing things she’ll blabber to me about the moment I get out of bed. It was endless, so were the fights. She would always tell me I’m no longer the man she married, that she didn’t know me anymore. Then I found out from one of our friends that she has been talking to a lawyer about divorce. I hate to admit it (no use denying now), but that scared the worst hell out of me. The moment I heard that from our friend, I felt the blood drain out of my face. I thought I was tired of her – that I could live without her. But the second it hit me that she was already planning on leaving me was just…dreadful, unthinkable, horrific, and worst of all, it hurt like living hell. All my anger flew away. I had to think…find a way to stop her from leaving my side. I talked with the rest of my guys, they were all sincere and sympathetic but none really offered a solid solution. I was starting to panic so I searched everywhere for answers, even the internet. And I’ll be damned, I found my savior there-The Marriage Savior System! Michael Cross’s The Marriage Savior System saved my ass and my marriage. Just a couple of hours after hearing from my friend about the divorce, I was already breaking down. I can’t even begin to imagine if I didn’t see this in the internet. Thank you! Really. You saved my life.

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