Making a Happier Home with The Marriage Savior System

I just want to thank The Marriage Savior System for saving my marriage. It did wonders to my dying relationship with my wife. It was all worth it. Compared to the couple therapies we’ve attended, this system did everything and gave results beyond expectations. My wife was so distant from me before I purchased The Marriage Savior System. Everyday, there were fights. After getting up in the morning, she would mouth me about my snoring. During breakfast, she would blabber on about why I can’t be more like Ben (our pheromone-filled French neighbor). And at night, boy if you ever saw us at night, you’d think we were in Jerry Springer Show with our almost silent fighting (we have three adorable children). She hated me back then. Her words imply it. And her actions speak louder. Then she told me about considering divorce. After hearing that from her, I got really angry. REALLY angry. And I shouted “Sure! That will do us both a favor! I have been planning that myself, you just beat me to it!” or something like that. Our kids heard me shout and they came down from stairs with tears in their eyes. They asked what was going on. But I couldn’t trust my voice to speak softly to them so I kept my mouth closed and went out of the door to a local bar. After a shot of scotch, the image of my children flashed through my head. I couldn’t let them suffer. They’re too young to have a broken home. So I got back home and went straight to my office. Therapies were bull – my wife was talking about divorce! I called one of my buddies and he told me that his brother had the same problems and had this book (he couldn’t even remember the name then, just Michael Cross) that helped him out. I Googled for Mr. Cross and got to his website. I purchased The Marriage Savior System and read until the sun went up. I followed everything the system said and it worked without a hitch! Now we’re like teenagers making love and thrilled by every second we’re together. I bow my head to this product. My marriage was saved because of this. Now my family has a happier home.

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